Frequently Asked Questions

  • Online through our secure payment system
  • Call 601.800.5564 for our automated phone payment system. You will need your account number to utilize this service.  If you do not have this, email or call Account Services at 601.453.5336, Option 1.
  • Mail check or money order to 999 Virginia Drive, Meridian, MS 39301. Keep in mind that your payment is not posted to your account until it is received. Please allow appropriate time for mailing services.
  • Establish a recurring bank draft, or utilize your financial institution's bill pay service
  • Call Account Services at 601.453.5336, Option 1.

Yes, you can exercise your Early Payoff Option (EPO) at any time without penalty.  SmartWay applies a discount to your contract based on the term of your agreement and the number of payments made.  For details, refer to your Rental Purchase Agreement or call Account Services at 601.453.5336, Option 1.

Your contract is a Rental Purchase Agreement, not an installment loan, so there is no principal to be repaid. You can pay your contract off early through regular extra payments or a single lump-sum payment. Any amount you pay in excess of the required monthly payment is held in a prepaid rent account and applied to early payoff. Should your account become delinquent, funds held in the prepaid rent account will be applied toward your payment.

The Liability Damage Waiver (LDW) is an optional program SmartWay offers to help customers manage risk.  See our LDW page for full information

Your Rental Purchase Agreement is a month-to-month contract, not an installment loan. We do not report the contract or timely monthly payments to credit agencies. We do not pull a credit report to determine eligibility. If you break the terms of your agreement, your account may be placed with a third-party collection agency, which could impact your credit. We are serious about our goal of 100% of customers completing their rent-to-own agreement; we are your partner in achieving ownership! Please contact us for assistance if you foresee any problems fulfilling the commitments of your agreement.

Your Rental Purchase Agreement with SmartWay is a month-to-month contract that you can terminate at any time, but you need to let us know your plans so we can help you arrange to return your item BEFORE you incur past due rental payments or fees. Call Account Services to discuss your options prior to the expiration of your current rental term: 601.453.5336, Option 1.

Your contract with SmartWay is a lease – it's not a loan, credit card, or another form of financing. Upon execution of your Rental Purchase Agreement, SmartWay will purchase the item from our retail partner and retain ownership so you can rent the item until the end of your selected term. You get the flexibility of renting, with the option to own. When you complete the term of your Rental Purchase Agreement, SmartWay transfers full ownership to you.

No. Your completed information is all that is required for immediate approval. We do a quick screen within our records to make sure you do not have too many outstanding agreements with us.

No, SmartWay is proud to be the home of the Zero Down Rental Purchase Program. Many customers choose to make an initial payment to reduce their rental payment amount. Refer to your Retail Partner for any fees associated with your rental.

Your payment frequency and first payment are determined by your income schedule. Your Retail Partner will discuss your situation while preparing your Rental Purchase Agreement.

We currently offer services in Mississippi and Alabama. Email us to get on the waiting list for additional areas of service.

In most cases, we allow a spouse or child to assume the balance of your contract.  Simply call Account Services to discuss the options and pay the transfer fee – 601.453.5336, Option 1.